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Unknown Beatles Facts

Unknown Beatles Facts

During the Cavern gigs, Ringo became female fans favourite. Maureen Cox asked Ringo for his autograph while on her way to a hair dressing class in 1962. Another time, she kissed him as he was leaving the Cavern dressing room. He then asks her to dance and later drove her and her friend home afterward. The Beatles become millionaires in 1965. In 1964, Beatle-related products brought an estimated $50 million (over $250 million in 1997 dollars) in the United States. On the day the Beatles arrived in New York for the 1st time, radio deejays announced temperature in "Beatle degrees" and time in "Beatle minutes". In Seattle, a female fan who was trying to get backstage, fell 25 feet down a ventilation shaft and dropped onto the floor at Ringo's feet. He asked her if she was sure she was okay, but she ran from him and disappeared in the crowd. In California, fans were seen eating the grass that Ringo walked on. When he was asked what he thought about this, he replied, "I just hope they don't get indigestion." They rarely wore headphones in the studio. On "Love Me Do", John plays harmonica, which he says he shoplifted from a store in Holland. After George came to the band, the name Quarry Men was dropped and the band tried names as The Rainbows, or the Moondogs, or even for one night, Johnny & the Moondogs. Yoko Ono's name means 'ocean child'. George, 3 grades behind John, also attended Dovedale, but they never met. George later moved on to the Liverpool Institute in 1954, where Paul was a student one year ahead of him. On the last day before break at the Institute, Paul brought his guitar to class, stood on a desk, played and sang 2 Little Richard songs: "Long Tall Sally" & "Tutti Frutti". Paul still owns his first guitar. George was introduced to the Quarry Men by Paul and became accepted into the group by the much older John. The band could now practise at George's and Paul's, but never at John's. Mimi wouldn't even let George in the house after he showed up with a crew cut and a pink shirt. When Beatlemania broke, a factory in a London suburb started producing Beatle wigs, and claimed they received orders from Buckingham Palace and Eton. George told a reporter that when they received notification of the MBE awards by mail, they thought that the official envelope and 10 Downing Street return address meant they were being drafted. Brian Epstein reportedly asked Sullivan the night of the first performance, "I would like to know the exact wording of your introduction." Sullivan replied, "I would like you to get lost." The Beatles received a telegram of congratulations from Elvis, which was read on the air. In one scene of "Help!" The Beatles sing Beethoven's "Ode To Joy" to calm a lion. Off camera, was a lion tamer with a rifle ready.


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